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Hand-forged hunting knife made of damask *Each knife is unique* *Limited*

Hand-forged hunting knife made of damask *Each knife is unique* *Limited*

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The 120 layer Damascus steel hunting knife is a beautiful and sturdy tool made from a special steel forged by forging various metals. Damascus steel is known for its patterns created by forging and folding the different layers of metal. This gives each Damascus hunting knife a unique aesthetic and excellent cutting properties.

The handle of the hunting knife is made of wood and is ergonomically designed to ensure safe and comfortable handling.

Overall, the hunting knife is a high-quality tool that is not only beautiful to look at, but also reliable and durable. It is an essential tool for any hunter or outdoor enthusiast looking for a knife that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Sales to people under 16 are not permitted and proof of age is required


Regular (normal cut)

Care instructions

With the right care, you can benefit from the products for a long time.

Just note the following things:
– Wash at 30 degrees
– Turn to the left
– Delicate laundry
– Little to no fabric softener
– NO dryer

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